Winter 60 : anniversary edition Thierry Michel

1960, the age of rock and roll, the advent of the twist, a harsh winter. Made even harsher by the announcement of austerity measures declared by the Government, which trigger off a bitter strike among workers in Belgian companies.

Thierry Coene
withPhilippe Léotard, Christian Barbier, Françoise Bette, Ronny Coutteure

photographyWalther Vanden Ende   
decorsFrançoise Hardy   
productionLes Films d'Hiver & RTBF Liège   
featre documentary - 35 mm - 93'

He made a brief return to Belgium and filmed a Minister at the centre of a political and criminal scandal which has upset all of Belgium: "La grâce perdue d'Alain Van der Biest"; following this he packed his bags once more to investigate the validity of international armed charity with "Aid for Somalia : a losing battle".

He directs "Post-colonial nostalgia", a film on the historical relationship between the Zairian people and white colons during the years of Congo/Zaire's independence. He then sets off for Africa once more, this time to shoot a major work, "Donka, x-ray of an African hospital". This tragic, human and uncompromising portrait of the Conakry hospital in Guinea will win prestigious awards both in Europe and in the United States. 

After ten years and seven films made in Africa he goes back to Asia and the Republic of Iran, one of the cradles of Islamic fundamentalism. There he made his latest film "Iran, veiled appearances" in which he paints a portrait of a society that is socially and culturally split. The eye of the film-maker captures the religious fervour of some which contrasts so violently with the desire for freedom of others. After having been selected in major festivals, Thierry Michel has again gleaned numerous international distinctions. 

Thierry Michel has an insatiable curiosity and has, for the last twenty years, not stopped filming all the beloved faced that inhabit the "sublime reality" of his camera. "The themes are the same, where you are. Man is the same, whether here or there; life and death are perceived identically. I have yet to stop working".
Prix du film social (Belgique) - Prix Bologne (Belgique)
Hiver 60 extraits 5/02/2006 RTBF2 Belgium

Jeudi 20 janvier : NISMES

Samedi 5 février : MONS
Plaza Art


Jeudi 24 mars : NEUFCHÂTEAU
Ciné-club Moulin Klepper


Jeudi 2 décembre : BRUXELLES
Centre Culturel Flagey

Mardi 7 décembre : LA LOUVIERE
Le Stuart

Jeudi 9 décembre : CHARLEROI
Le Parc

Mardi 14 décembre : LIEGE
Le Parc

Jeudi 16 décembre : 


Vendredi 17 décembre : VERVIERS
l'espace Duesberg

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