Toots Thielemans - the incredible destiny Thierry Loreau & Pierre Barré

 became an international living legend. He is one of the last giants acknowledged and appreciated by all communities which compose Belgium.
His popularity, Toots indeed owes it to his jovial and warm-hearted behaviour. He has the taste of jokes, and his laugh is appreciated and known of all. Self-made man, he accomplished the American dream: succeed in the USA on the basis of nothing, by arriving in 1952 at New York without a penny in pocket. Success was quick in date since Toots is the only Belgian who have played with Franck Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. He has given nobility to the harmonica, an instrument which served especially to enliven parties by the fireside in westerns. Toots is popular for all these reasons, but also and especially thanks to his music imprinted by nostalgia.

medium lenght film- 52'