The three pledges Jacques Donjean

" The three pledges  " tells, through the story in voice-off  of a young man who was 22  in 1914,  the key moments of First World War and of the occupation of Belgium by the Germans.

             The narration of this fictitious character, who does not appear on screen, places the spectator at the heart of the conflict and enables the viewer to relive the 4 years of war in a vivid way. This story is illustrated with  archives and  pictures of  today’s places of  memory. There are also interviews of historians of various nationalities.

             The production of a DVD in 4  languages (French, Dutch, German, English) will enable a wide distribution  nationally  ( associations, schools,...) and internationally (tourist offices,...). The DVD will illustrate the  themes: passing on  of  memory in Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and First World War.