The man who mends women - the wrath of Hippocrates Thierry Michel

Dr. Mukwege was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to protesting against the sexual violence perpetrated against women in Kivu, in the east of the Congo. He is known as “the man who repairs women”.

Over the past 16 years, he has treated over 40,000 patients, giving them the hope of rebuilding a life for themselves as women.

In October 2012, Dr. Mukwege was the victim of a second attempt on his life and miraculously escaped death. After a short period of exile in Belgium, he returned to Bukavu after his patients bought him a plane ticket back.

This film is the portrait of an outstanding man, a preacher, doctor, and family man, whose path and tireless struggle against barbarism is of interest to all those who fight to put an end to these war crimes.

A feature documentary project by Colette Braeckman et Thierry Michel

directed by Thierry Michel

Production Christine Pireaux - Les Films de la Passerelle

Coproduction Ryva Production

Thierry Michel

From coal mines to prisons, from Brazil and the Maghreb to black Africa, Thierry Michel has always denounced peoples’ distress and shared their revolts, sometimes in a mixture of fiction and reality. Born on 13 October 1952 in Charleroi in Belgium in an industrial region known as “Black Country”, Thierry Michel began studying at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels at age 16. In 1976, he started working at the Belgian television where he made numerous reports around the world. He then went on to filmmaking. He directed two feature-length fiction films, Hiver 60 which dealt with his country’s political situation and Issue de secours, a very personal and poetic piece. Yet his oeuvre is especially known for his many documentaries, which have received international recognition and awards and have been shown around the world. Among them are Gosses de Rio; Zaïre, le cycle du serpent; Donka, X-Ray of an African Hospital; Mobutu, King of Zaire; Iran: Veiled Appearances , Congo River, Katanga Business, The Chebeya affair,...

Thierry Michel is a film director, a journalist and a photographer. He also leads documentary film writing and directing seminars around the world.