The ladies' delight ? Agnès Lejeune & Gaëlle Hardy

Aged between 20 and 65. They are "cleaning ladies", as the used to be called... Every morning they spread in private homes that call on their services. Most of them left education early; they worked in factories, or as undeclared workers. Others were salespeople, educators, teachers or caregivers...

Then there were the ups and downs of life; a man who one leaves, or who ups and offs, impossible hours in a job that one otherwise loved... so yes, they take the plunge and join the service voucher system. They set to work cleaning up the muck that no one else wants to deal with, that has been a woman's lot since time immemorial.

Today, they are more than 160 000 employees in the service voucher system. A choral song that draws the outline of the condistion of brave, luminous women who have taken the gamble of writing a page of their history with us.

First television broadcasts  of the documentary "THE LADIES' DELIGHT ?" made by Agnes Lejeune and Gaëlle Hardy... Do not miss them !


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