Singing Nun : shooting diary Thierry Michel

This documentary, that was accomplished during the filming of “Singing Nun”, shows across the production, the actors’s jobs, but also technicians’, artistic collaborators, how to better conceive the vision of Stijn Coninx on the destiny of Singing Nun. By focusing on the most important scenes, this film enters the privacy of the tray, very close to the production, and shows this alchemy of realization which draws, little by little, the outlines of a figure and the dramatic art of a life. Thierry Michel filmed this tray with a collusive, private camera, with microphones put sometimes at the level of the actors, and always near the film’s director to understand how to construct a role, a figure, a life, a destiny. Behind the scenes (lodges, in the morning of making-up, fitting of costumes, interim snack bar), he questioned each of the protagonists of this film about his role and about the figure of Jeannine Deckers, who became « Singing Nun » for eternity.

Image : Thierry Michel et Idriss Gabel
Image and sound editing : Idriss Gabel
Narration : Thierry Michel
Producer : Christine Pireaux
Le making-of de Soeur Sourire sera inclus en bonus dans le dvd dont la sortie est prévue mi-octobre en Belgique et en novembre en France.