Parabola Karim Ouelhaj

First of all, there is Sarah. She is a prostitute, not by obligation, not by choice, but because it is an easy way to earn money quickly.

Then, there are these two women that Sarah will meet by accident: a childhood friend, Axelle, coming back from nowhere and who is now a photographer who doesn’t dare to show her work; and a young pregnant woman, Elena abandoned by her husband without any reasonable explanation.

Very quickly, the three women will share a very intense friendship, but the world around them will catch up with them. While entering each other’s lives, all of them will bring about changes and turn their existences upside down.
But these changes will launch a pitiless process: while following the advice of her two friends and trying to get rid of Zacharie, Sarah will be caught up in a spiral of violence that will lead her to her own destruction. Her friends too will have to pay a high price. Together for the best, they will reach the worse case scenario. 

Principal actors : Céline Rallet - Sara
Julie Burg - Héléna
Aude Lorquet - Axelle
Mario Guzman - Zacharie 
Associate producers : Les Films de la Passerelle avec la collaboration du Studio l'Equipe

Karim Ouelhaj received his degree in videography at the Beaux Arts Academy of Liège. He has worked as an assistant cameraman on documentaries, advertisements, and videos. He was assistant to the director for Philippe Blasband’s Un honnête commerçant.
(Karim Ouelhaj) 
Tiburon International Film Festival du 9au 17/03/06 - USA
au Tiburon International Film Festival - Golden Reel Awards
Taken out room in Belgium on August 9th, 2006