Empire of Silence Thierry Michel

March 2017. Two United Nations experts, the American Michael Sharp and the Swedish-Chilean Zaida Catalan were brutally murdered and decapitated as they investigated recent massacres in the Kasaï region in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 60 mass graves have been discovered.

The same soldiers and generals have been sowing desolation massacre and rape in DRC for the past 20 years, with total impunity.

Yet the MONUSCO, a UN peacekeeping force created in November 1999 to enforce the cease-fire agreements, has since that time deployed around 20,000 peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and spends an annual budget of over 1.5 billion dollars.

How hve we reached this point, when the largest mission ever set up by the United Nations has been present in the area for almost 20 years?

Taking the double murder as a starting point, this investigative film will follow the saga pf the experts' difficult mission in the field, which resulted in a report that has remained confidential, to understand how this great institution operates.

The film will follow this report on its path along the corridors of the big international institutions, from the United Nations in Geneva and New York to the Council of the European Union, at the heart of the Western chancelleries involved in DRC, mainly the United States, the Soviet Union, France and Belgium.

We will review the archives of this war and its forgotten and unpunished crimes.