Congo river : Phantoms of History Thierry Michel

The modern part deals with the large port of Matadi and the Inga dam (the largest in Africa) as well as the railway linking Matadi to Kinshasa on the non navigable stretch of the river. We then discover the beach at Kinshasa, a frontier port with Brazzaville (the other twin capital on the left bank) buzzing with life in a real melting pot for traffickers of all kinds. The documentary ends with Papa Wendo, Master of the Congolese Rumba, in a boat on the river to which he pays homage by his songs.

Coproduction :

Medium lenght documentary : 52 minutes

Thierry Michel is a film director, a journalist and a photographer. He also teaches cinema du reel at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium and leads documentary film writing and directing seminars around the world.

"Mékong River" 
Feature Documentary 90 min

In production : 
"Katanga, Mineral Business" 

Feature Documentary 90 min

Productions :

1999 "Mobutu, King of Zaire" 
Feature Documentary – 135' - serial (3 X 52') – 59' - film 35 mm 

Production: Films de la Passerelle - les Films d'Ici- Image Création – RTBF - MCF - CBA - Canal + - CEE - Eurimages - VRT - RTNC - ORF – MEDIA - Agence de la francophonie

Awards : 

* Mention of honor in " Seen by Africa " on 1999 - Montreal - Canada

* Nominee in LOS ANGELES by international Documentary Association ( IDA) for the IDA AWARDS

* Special mention during the discount(delivery) of European Films Awards for Berlin

* Presentation by Rice Khan of Thierry Michel on CNN "emission Q&A"

1995 "The last colonials " 
Feature Documentary 61 minutes

Awards :

* Ecrans Nord Sud Prize, "Vues d'Afrique", Montréal (Canada)

* Prize of Honour, International Festival of Exploration film - Toulon (France)

1994 "Aid for Somalia : a losing battle " 
Feature Documentary 58 & 85 minutes

* Golden Screen at the festival "Vues d'Afrique" in Montréal (Canada),
* Certificate of Merit at the 38ème Film festival of Cork (Ireland), 

* First Prize at “ Filmer à tout prix ” in Brussels (Belgium)

"Kids from Rio " 
Medium-length documentary film 48 min

Awards :

* First Documentary Prize at Biarritz (France)

* Best belgian short film of 89-90 in Gand (Belgium)

* Prize of Honour at Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco (USA)

* Mesquite Award Winner at San Antonio Cine Festival (USA) 

1985 "Private Hotel " 
Feature Documentary 55 & 90 minutes

* Awards at the Festival of Nyon (Switzerland)

1980 "Chronicle of the Seasons of Steel"
Feature Documentary

1973 " Portrait of a Self-portrait " 
Feature Documentary

Short documentary film