Children of Chance Thierry Michel & Pascal Colson

In the small local school of Cheratte, a former mining town, 11-year old students with an immigrant background are coming to the end of their primary school education with Brigitte. She is a dynamic teacher whose particular pedagogical approach aims to give these pupils a firm foundation to build on in this constantly changing world. 

Throughout the school year, the film follows these children, grandsons of miners, mainly Turks and Muslims. While some of their elders opt for indentity closure, this film evokes the challenge awaiting these children to integrate into current society, in the face of terrorist attacks and harassment via social media. 

This year, the colliery just opposite their school, a vestige of their history, will be destroyed, thus completely changing their environment, and forcing them to think about the past. 

This documentary record is an ode to life. It captures the children's spontaneity, their joy of living, the end of childhood. The children's voices gradually weave the links between past, present and future. 

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