Chess War Valéry Gaillard

This film will tell the story of these Soviet champions, of the faultless organization that produced, appraised and crafted them and the merciless struggle that they fought – and lost – against a young American prodigy. In this age of bilateral confrontation, every space, every gap needed to be fought over. Chess has frequently served as a metaphor for the activities of power, so much so that it’s a cliché. But never have ideology, arms and politics been so close to the edge of the chessboard as in late summer 1972, when Fischer the American and Spassky the Russian fought for the world crown. From the State Department to the Central Committee, from the American TV networks to the hierarchy of the KGB, all the tensions of the Cold War were concentrated on 64 varnished wood squares.
“The chess war” is, of course, a story of sport, propaganda and politics. It is also the story of a centuries-old game called chess...
Director Valéry Gaillard
Photography Katell Djian
Sound Olivier Schwob, Pierre Excoffier, Jean Humansky & JT Takagi
Editing Catherine Gouze
Mixing Michel Goosens 
Production Arte France, les Films de la Passerelle, RTBF (télévision Belge), les Films d’Ici
with the cooperation of du Centre National de la Cinématographie
with support of la commission Télévision de la Procirep
With the collaboration of TFO – TV Ontario
with the help of du Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la communauté Française de Belgique et des télédistributeurs wallons
Tournage Islande (Reykjavik) Russie (Moscou ) USA (New York) France (Paris) 

medium lenght film - 52' - BETA Digit
Assistant réalisateur sur de nombreux films documentaires, notamment : 
- Avec Nicolas Philibert :La Ville Louvre - Le Pays des sourds - Un animal, des animaux - La moindre des choses. 
- Avec Albert et David Maysles (tournage parisien) :Christo in Paris.
23/05/2002 51' RTBF 2 20H BELGIQUE
23/05/2002 51' ARTE 20H45 FRANCE 
24/05/2002 51' RTBF 2 01H30 BELGIQUE
26/05/2002 51' RTBF 1 23H BELGIQUE
27/05/2002 51' RTBF 2 13H30 BELGIQUE
29/05/2002 51' RTBF 1 10H BELGIQUE