André Cools, one life, one destiny Robert Neys & Daniel Remi

Twenty five years ago, on July 18th 1991, André Cools who was a Belgian Minister of State and Head of the Belgian socialist party, was killed. Although his death and the subsequent trial were all over the News, no film has ever been made about this man, one of the most important Walloon politicians. The main objective of this film is to show André Cools’ story based on a dual fight : federalism and the reorganisation of Wallonia, a region severely affected by the economic downturn. To carry out such fights, we needed an extraordinary leading figure, passionate about Politics and the well-being of citizens. We are going to tell the story of this man, a true orator, someone that nobody could ignore. The film is not only aimed at Belgian Politics experts but will address a large audience as well. His tragical death, which affected everyone in Belgium and in France, will constitute the starting point (or the ending) of this film. We gathered many files from the archives and they will be the basis of this documentary which will tell one of the most important parts of Belgium History. Some of the interviews we made will allow to set the contex in those conflicted times which were a sign of the actual institutional tensions, federalism and conflicts between French speaking and Flemish speaking people.