A mine of worries in Katanga Thierry Michel

Mine of Worries in Katanga, Katanga Business.

We follow Thierry Michel as he is being banned from shooting, through the hassles of bureaucracy and in his determination to overcome all these obstacles to uncovering the economic wars, the social battles and the history of men. 

Equipe technique:
Réalisation: Thierry Michel

Image: Thierry Michel, Michel Téchy, Christine Pireaux et Gaston Mushid

Montage image: Michèle Maquet

Montage son: Idriss Gabel
Mixeur/ingénieur son: Jean-luc Fichefet
Musiques: Marc Hérouet
Narration: Thierry Michel
Producteur délégué: Christine Pireaux

He made a brief return to Belgium and filmed a Minister at the centre of a political and criminal scandal which has upset all of Belgium: "La grâce perdue d'Alain Van der Biest"; following this he packed his bags once more to investigate the validity of international armed charity with "Aid for Somalia : a losing battle".

He directs "Post-colonial nostalgia", a film on the historical relationship between the Zairian people and white colons during the years of Congo/Zaire's independence. He then sets off for Africa once more, this time to shoot a major work, "Donka, x-ray of an African hospital". This tragic, human and uncompromising portrait of the Conakry hospital in Guinea will win prestigious awards both in Europe and in the United States.

After ten years and seven films made in Africa he goes back to Asia and the Republic of Iran, one of the cradles of Islamic fundamentalism. There he made his latest film "Iran, veiled appearances" in which he paints a portrait of a society that is socially and culturally split. The eye of the film-maker captures the religious fervour of some which contrasts so violently with the desire for freedom of others. After having been selected in major festivals, Thierry Michel has again gleaned numerous international distinctions.

Thierry Michel has an insatiable curiosity and has, for the last twenty years, not stopped filming all the beloved faced that inhabit the "sublime reality" of his camera. "The themes are the same, where you are. Man is the same, whether here or there; life and death are perceived identically. I have yet to stop working".
 a été présenté en avant-première mondiale au FESPACO - Festival panafricain de Cinéma à Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso.

Il sera présenté au festival  au Cameroun à Yaounde du 30 mai au 6 juin et au  à Sderot en Israëldu 4 au 11 juin
Katanga Business Mines de tracas au Katanga, le 2 avril à 23h30 et le 4 avril à 13h50 sur La Deux RTBF
Le making-of de Katanga Business sera inclus en bonus dans le dvd dont la sortie est prévue fin octobre en Belgique.