Member and animator/organiser of the film production cooperative "La Fleur Maigre" from 1980 to 1984.


In the framework of W.I.P. she has also taken part in the production of over 100 projects together with independent producers, Belgian and international broadcasters.

In 1984 she founds Les Films de la Passerelle, and has since been its director. 

Member of PROSPERE, a professional association which includes the majority of Belgian French-speaking professionals of the audio-visual field. 

Co-founder of the "Culture à Liège" association, which brings together personalities from all areas of culture in Liège.

14/18 – Les 3 serments Production : Les Films de la Passerelle

(Un projet de film de Nathalie Borgers, LM documentaire)
Zion musicProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle, Les Films d’Ici

(Judith Rueff, LM documentaire)
Jean Dufaux, au fil de l’imaginaireProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle

2013 Jacques Charlier, pirate de l’artProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle

(José Luis Penafuerte, MM documentaire)
2013 The irresistible rise of Moïse KatumbiProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle

  (Thierry Loreau et Pierre Barré, MM documentaire)
2011 The Chebeya affair, a State crime ?Production : Les Films de la Passerelle, RTBF, RTS, TV5, DGD, OIF, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, CBA, FIDH, Bruxelles Laïque, ASDI, Pôle Image de Liège

(Joël Calmettes LM documentaire)
2010 Mémoire ColonialeProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle

by Thierry Michel documentary 52 min and 80 min
2010 Katanga, the war for copperProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle– Les Films d'Ici – RTBF – Centre du Cinéma et de l’audiovisuel de la Communauté française et des Télédistributeurs wallons – ARTE – Wallimage – Eurimages – DGCD – PIL – ING Taxshelter – EVS Taxshelter – RTBF – TSR – Sundance Institute – Commission européenne

by Stijn Coninx 120 min feature film
Production : Les Films de la Passerelle, Paradis Films, Eyeworks film & TV Drama, Kunst & Kino - Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique - Wallimage - Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds - Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge - Eurimages - Canal+ - TPS

by Thierry Michel feature film 90 min
2009 Singing Nun : Behind the scenes
Les Films de la Passerelle

by Thierry Michel documentary 60 min
2009 Ore and loreLes Films de la Passerelle

by Pierre Barré and Thierry Loreau, documentary 60 min
2007 Afghanistan, the choice of women Production : Les Films de la Passerelle, Les Passeurs de lumière, RTBF, France 3,  Le Centre du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique, TSR, CBC,  Radio-Canada RDI,  la Direction du Développement et de la Coopération suisse – DDC, la Coopération belge au Développement – DGCD, La Loterie Nationale, La Défense Nationale, Réalisé avec le soutien du Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge, Casa Kafka Pictures, EVS

Santa Fe Street Production : Les Films d’Ici, Les Films de la Passerelle, MCF, Eurimages, Parox, Shellac, Fondart, Micro Films, Fundaccion ME

by Gilles Remiche documentary – 52’
2005 Congo river  (Les Films de la Passerelle – Les Films d’Ici, Centre du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique – RTBF télévision belge, VRT Canvas, V.A.F, YLE, T.S.R, VPRO, DGCD, Wallimage, EVS, XDC. Avec l’aide de la Loterie Nationale et des télédistributeurs wallons. Collaboration et participation: Eurimages, Canal +, Promimage   - Developed with the support of MEDIA

by Thierry Michel 54’ documentary
2005 ParabolaProduction : Les Films de la Passerelle, Okayss films

by José Luis Peñafuerte, documentary 52min & 90min
2003 The origins of Aids Production : MFP, PATHE (France), Gala Films (Canada), Les Films de la Passerelle, RTBF, France 5, Radio Canada, France 2, Channel 4, MEDIA

by Thierry Michel 90 & 60 minutes feature documentary
<span 12px;"="">Production: Les Films de la Passerelle, Les Films d'Ici, RTBF, VRT, ARTE   France, CBA, RAITRE, Centre du Cinéma

Thierry Michel

Director, journalist and photographer, from coal mines to prisons, from Brazil and the Maghreb to black Africa, Thierry Michel has always denounced peoples’ distress and shared their revolts, sometimes in a mixture of fiction and reality. Born on 13 October 1952 in Charleroi in Belgium in an industrial region known as “Black Country”, Thierry Michel began studying at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Brussels at age 16. In 1976, he started working at the Belgian television where he made numerous reports around the world. He then went on to filmmaking. He directed two feature-length fiction films and many documentaries which have received international recognition and awards and have been shown around the world. Among them are “Gosses de Rio”, “Zaïre, cycle of the serpent”, “Donka, X-Ray of an African Hospital”, “Mobutu, King of Zaire”, “Iran: Veiled Appearances”, “Congo River”, “Katanga business” and “The Chebeya affair, a State crime ?”. Thierry Michel also taught cinema du reel for 20 years at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium and now at the University of Liège. He leads many documentary film writing and directing seminars around the world. Thierry Michel is the author of 2 books about Africa (text and photos).

official website : www.thierrymichel-cineaste.com

Productions :


2017 “Children of Chance”

Feature Documentary 98 min


2015 “The man who mends women – the wrath of Hippocrates”

Feature Documentary 112 min

Awards :

 * Golden Butterfly - A Matter of Act, Movie That Matter 2015 (Netherlands)

* Special Human Rights Award, Millenium 2015 (Belgium)

* Audience Award, Millenium 2015 (Belgium)

* Documentary Award, Vues d'Afrique 2015 (Canada)

* Human Rights Award, Vues d'Afrique 2015 (Canada)

* Audience Award, Cine Droit Libre (Burkina Faso)

* Television Award, Avanca Film Festival 2015 (Portugal)


2013 "The irresistible rise of Moïse Katumbi »

Feature Documentary 80 min

Awards :

Special Jury Prize at Festival International du film Panafricain de Cannes 2013 (France)

Special jury mention at Festival International de Cinéma Vues d'Afrique 2013 (Canada)

Nominated for Best Photography, « Gold Panda » Awards of 2013 (12TH) Sichuan TV Festival (Chine)


2011 "Floribert Chebeya, a state crime ?»

Feature Documentary

Awards :

* Grand Prix, FESTIVAL 2 VALENCIENNES (France)


* Prix du Public, AFRIKA FILM FESTIVAL (Belgique)

* Prix Maurice de Wilde, DE GROENE BELGO DOC (Belgique)

* Mention Spéciale du Jury, FESTIVAL "VUES D'AFRIQUE" (Canada)


* Mention spéciale du jury du HUMAN SCREEN FESTIVAL (Tunisie)


2010 "Memory of Congo-Zaïre, unpublished fragments"

16 h of unpublished fragments


2010 "Katanga, the war for copper"

Feature Documentary 90 min


2010 "Metamorphosis of a station"

Feature Documentary 80 min


2009 " Sœur Sourire : les coulisses d’un tournage"

Medium-length Documentary 60 min


2009 "Ore and lore"

Medium-length Documentary 31 min


2009 "Mine of worries in Katanga"

Medium-length Documentary 60 min


2009 "Katanga business"

Feature Documentary 120 min


2006 "Carnet de tournage"

Medium-length Documentary 54 min






2005 "Congo River"

Feature Documentary - 120 min - serial (3 X 52')

Awards :

* The prize for International Confederation of Art House Cinemas Berlin Festival – Germany

* The prize for best feature documentary

20st Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie - Moncton – Canada

* The Audience Award at the 11st  Afrika Filmfestival –Leuven – Belgique

The Flemish Brabant prize

* The Bronze Anchor at the 38th festival internat. du film maritime, d’exploration et d’environnement - Toulon – France

* The « François de Roubaix » prize for music at the 38th festival international du film maritime, d’exploration et d’environnement – Toulon – France

* The  RTL prize  (Best Commentary) at the 38th  festival international du film maritime, d’exploration et d’environnement – Toulon – France

* The Honour Mention at international Ouidah festival - Bénin

* The Humanum Price awarded by the Belgian Union Cinematographic Press


2002 "Iran, sous le voile des apparences"

Feature Documentary 120 min

Le portrait d’une société fracturée entre Islam intégriste et modernité.

* Grand Prix au Festival du "Documentaire de création européen" de Strasbourg (France) 

* Official Selection of the Golden Gate Awards Competition. San Francisco –USA

* Prix Joseph Plateau – meilleur documentaire belge 01/02 - Gand, Belgique

* Coq de Cristal : Prix décerné le Parlement de la Communauté française – Belgique 2002

* Ezio Croci : prix du meilleur Film, Filmondo,  Milan – Italie

* Mention d'honneur Festival international du film documentaire Tel-Aviv (docaviv) Israël -2002


1999 "Mobutu, King of Zaire"

Feature Documentary – 135' - serial (3 X 52') – 59' - film 35 mm

Production: Films de la Passerelle - les Films d'Ici- Image Création – RTBF - MCF - CBA - Canal + - CEE - Eurimages - VRT - RTNC - ORF – MEDIA - Agence de la francophonie

Awards :

* Mention of honor in " Seen by Africa " on 1999 - Montreal - Canada

* Nominee in LOS ANGELES by international Documentary Association ( IDA) for the IDA AWARDS

* Special mention during the discount(delivery) of European Films Awards for Berlin

* Presentation by Rice Khan of Thierry Michel on CNN "emission Q&A"


1996 "Donka, the x-ray of an African hospital"

Feature Documentary - 55 minutes & 85 minutes

Production : Films de la Passerelle - RTBF - MCF - MSF - Zeaux - Image Création -  Canal + - BRTN - CBA

Awards :

* Prize of the Best Documentary Producer of the European Union at "Vue sur les Docs", Marseille 1996 France

* Golden Spire Winner at San Francisco International Film Festival in the Golden Gate Awards Competition, USA.

* Prize of the best international documentary and prize of the best film of the Festival at the International Documentary Festival from Toronto (Canada) "Hot Docs" Canada

* IDA Award in feature documentary section during the International Documentary Festival Association of Los Angeles  - USA


1995 "The last colonials "

Feature Documentary 61 minutes

Awards :

* Ecrans Nord Sud Prize, "Vues d'Afrique", Montréal (Canada)

* Prize of Honour, International Festival of Exploration film - Toulon (France)


1995 "Post-colonial nostalgia "

Medium-length documentary film 52 minutes


1994 "Aid for Somalia : a losing battle "

Feature Documentary  58 & 85 minutes


1994 "La grâce perdue d'Alain Van der Biest"

Feature Documentary 75 minutes


1992 "Zaire, the snake's cycle "

 Medium-length and Feature Documentary film  58 & 85 minutes

 Awards :

* Special Jury Prize at Nyon International Festival (Suisse)

* Sesterce d'argent at the International Festival of Nyon (Switzerland)

* The Public Prize the International Festival of Nyon (Switzerland)

* The documentary Silver Medal at l'URTI Monte Carlo (France)

* Nanook Prize at the twelfth ethnographic balance sheet in Paris (France)

* Golden Screen at the festival "Vues d'Afrique" in Montréal (Canada),

* Certificate of Merit at the 38ème Film festival of Cork (Ireland),

* First Prize at “ Filmer à tout prix ” in Brussels (Belgium)


1990 "From the grass roots "

Medium-length documentary film 52 & 85 min

Awards :

             * Mention of Honour at Golden Gate Awards San Francisco (USA)


"Kids from Rio "

Medium-length documentary film 48 min

Awards :

* First Documentary Prize at Biarritz (France)

* Best belgian short film of 89-90 in Gand (Belgium)

* Prize of Honour at Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco (USA)

* Mesquite Award Winner at San Antonio Cine Festival  (USA)


1987 "Emergency exit "

Feature Film Fiction 90 minutes

            * Awards of Salerne (Italy)


1985 "Private Hotel "

Feature Documentary 55 & 90 minutes

            * Awards at the Festival of Nyon (Switzerland)


1982 "Winter 60"

Feature Film

Awards :

            * Prize of social Film (Belgium)

            * Bologne Prize (Belgium)


1980 "Chronicle of the Seasons of Steel"

Feature Documentary


1975 "Black country, Red Country " 

Medium-length documentary film


1973 " Portrait of a Self-portrait "

Feature Documentary


1971 "Farm of Fir"

Short documentary film


In charge, with Christine Pireaux, of the development, the preparation, the shooting and the postproduction of films, Céline Rauw takes also care of broadcasting rights of films from the company's catalogue, as well as relationships with distributors and broadcasters.Moreover Céline Rauw is the Films de la Passerelle Company’s favored correspondent with the national, communal, local and European institutions.


François is in charge of the relations wih the Media, the festival's organizers and the audience when a film comes out. He is also in charge of DVD sales. He makes everything ready to promote every film.

For further information relating to a film or a current production do not hesitate to contact him via e-mail: films@passerelle.be

Florence Saâdi

Florence is in charge of International development. She represents the company on  several markets and festivals in the sector.